or, die.


"Hello tumblr, long time no see. It’s been too long."
Your mom

2 months ago

Happy Easterz, guise! Crap we&#8217;re so cute, it hurts. #girlfriend #boyfriend #couples #cute #cutecouple #igers #iphoneonly #instacute #instagood #love
What can I say? I&#8217;m pretty damn happy. Things have never come easy to me, in life. Never listened to anyone, and always did things my way. Those choices led me to become who I am. This girl is something else, and I&#8217;ll take her the way she is. Every moment has been an experience, and it&#8217;ll only grow from here.


If I Gave You My Heart -Phora

She said “I love you to the moon & back”
& I replied, with a smile, “I love you too, in fact.”
I have trust in me & you, baby don’t ruin that
So , if I gave you my heart what would you do with that?

1 year ago

Atom Bomb

I’m just a mass of cells that turn into a man, who lived a pointless life, and probably will end up in hell. I’m not gonna pretend that I’m alright with my friend, because everything just is, I’m just fine with that. If you try to rip me apart, I’ll split just like an atom bomb, and explode across the world with words and song.

1 year ago

Ughh, the amount of how cute we are is sick. I feel good, this is what I needed. Thank you @weenajac I always have the best time with you. #cuteshit #cutecouple #cutestpairaround #bejelly #instacute #disney #mickieandminnie #socute #itssick #barf #zootzootzoot
gooodnight! #thesmiths

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